What’s Hotel Hunt?

What’s Hotel Hunt?

September 12, 2018 Off By Taylor
Guess where Taylor's travel adventures take her for the next Hotel Hunt!

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Hotel Hunt is a symphony of experiences for travelers!

We’re so excited to introduce you to Hotel Hunt, a creative TV show distributed through advanced digital mediums. The show is especially for travelers on the go so you can stay connected wherever your adventures may take you!

Hotel Hunt, a Downright Domestic production, helps you find the best place to stay for your trip. The show gives you a personalized look at some of the world’s most beautiful resorts and destinations. 

Show Hosts

  • Rebecca Webster is the show’s creator, executive producer, and co-host. Rebecca’s a veteran television producer that’s worked for major brands like The Sports Network, E! Entertainment, and she owns and operates Downright Domestic Productions, Inc.
  • Taylor L. Cole Longacre is the show’s co-host. She is a travel expert who’s been featured on network TV, major news outlets, conferences, and educational events. In addition to Hotel Hunt, Taylor hosts The Focus on Amazon Prime Video and MPN.Global, and she’s the hotel expert for the Informed Traveler radio show. 
Watch the latest episode of Hotel Hunt TV!

Taylor Cole Longacre and Rebecca Webster are the hosts of Hotel Hunt TV an exciting new TV show on Amazon Prime Video and MPN.Global!

Together, Rebecca and Taylor travel the globe for the best travel experiences and uncover incredible stories that they’ll share with Hotel Hunt viewers.


Hotel Hunt is airing on Amazon Prime Video. See our premier episodes, Los Angeles and Curacao with your Amazon Prime Video subscription. If you aren’t a member, here’s a 30-day trial on us!  

 Show Highlights

So do you want more? Check out our show promo! We visited beautiful Curacao and uncovered a compelling story about the history of this vibrant country!

Happy Hunting and Safe Travels!

Rebecca, Taylor and the Hotel Hunt TV Crew