How to Travel Healthy and Safely in 2021

How to Travel Healthy and Safely in 2021

December 30, 2020 Off By Taylor

In a recent video interview, Taylor talks with wellness travel expert Edyta Satchell about ways to travel in a safe and healthy way in 2021.

We get it. We’ve all had concerns with traveling in this new era. From wearing masks to carrying hand sanitizer, to getting vaccines and taking preventative measures, the way we travel is quite different from the past. But we know you wouldn’t be on this site if you didn’t LOVE to travel! How about we pull ourselves up by our boot (umm, MASK) straps and enjoy our passion while being well?! Let’s gab a bit about how to travel healthy and safely in 2021, okay?

Taylor talks with Edyta Satchell of Satchelle Global Travel Wellness who is a rock star when it comes to travel wellness both local and abroad. She offers health, beauty, and sleep tips, along with some of her secret gems in this video interview. Watch, learn, and book that next trip! You’ve got this!

Happy Hotel Hunting Healthy-ly 🙂


P.S. Here’s another link to the healthy travel video so you can bookmark it!