Experience La Perle in Dubai!

Experience La Perle in Dubai!

September 14, 2018 Off By Taylor

Al Habtoor City in Dubai has an Attraction Like No Other…

Al Habtoor presents La Perle by Dragone

La Perle at Al Habtoor City in Dubai is a once in a lifetime experience! @HotelHuntTV

On your next trip to Dubai, make plans to spend some time in Al Habtoor City and experience La Perle. The multi-sensory show was created and produced by Franco Dragone and is presented by the Al Habtoor Group who operates several bespoke luxury resorts in Dubai, the US and around the world.

Set in an Interactive Theatre

La Perle transports audiences into another world. Literally! The storyline is like no other (two people who have seen the same production will leave the theatre with completely different takeaways) and you’ll actually feel the show! It snows, lightning strikes, it thunders, and walls become 3D structures right before your eyes. Plus, there’s a modern twist that makes the show suitable for all ages. I can’t adequately explain it in words. Check out their website and look for our Hotel Hunt Dubai episode where I give you a tour of some of the most breathtaking aspects of the UAE.